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The billboard is the equivalent of a banner that sits on top of your exhibit. This tells the world of any updates about you or your business, with the ability to update it as frequently as you wish, and allow other members globally to comment on your billboard.

• What value do you get? You can promote your business with up to the minute messages on your free billboard that lets the world or your network know about your business, products and services, or any announcements, information or specials. link to My Exhibit >>

Clients’ Network

All approved clients whom you will be able to communicate and deal with privately on your Live Exhibit Floor.


Every member is provided with the tools to generate coupons and transmit them to anyone in their contact list. You can find this feature in the Tools >> section.

• What value do you get? By generating and transmitting coupons through eOpen, you can save on the cost of physically printing and mailing coupons to your clients. Every coupon generated through our system is tagged with a unique serial number that is only displayed when the end user downloads or prints the coupon, thus preventing fraudulent copies from being made.

Dual Social-Network

The eOpen model which allows you to social network with a convention expo experience, as well as being able to actually do business, by offering products or services, promoting your business, finding vendors & clients, plus linking to other members. eOpen provides you with the ability to communicate to vendors and clients instantly and separately on the same single screen, referred to as the Global Live Exhibit Floor.

Global Live Exhibit Floor

All posts, entries, billboards, selling and buying listings, social activities and comments of all members in all categories or preselected categories on a single live activity feed screen.
Go to it >> http://eopen.com/Live.aspx


A LinkAPP is a link to an external website or a specific page within that website. All LinkApps in eOpen can be found in the LinkAPP Board™

• What value do you get? By creating a LinkAPP, you can boost traffic to your website because it gives your business increased visibility within that category. LinkAPPs are categorized and detailed as to their products and offerings, and member of eOpen are able to view and add your LinkAPP to their LinkAPP’s Warehouse for future reference.

• Submit your LinkApp http://eopen.com/ApplianceStore/Default.aspx

LinkAPP Board™

The area of eOpen where you will be able to view your LinkApp as well as other members' links to their websites or a specific section of their site. You can access this area from the top bar of any page. Go to it >> http://eopen.com/ApplianceStore/Default.aspx


An action that adds a member that is not your client or vendor to your watch list (Linkings) where you will be able to view and keep up to date with your Linkings' Network. You'll be able to view their global posts, offerings, comments and activities without having them as a vendor or a client. You can always unlink the member or add them as a vendor or a client from their Exhibit.


Listing is the feature that displays what you have for sale, whether that be a specific product, a lot or a service. All listing can be found in the eOpen Marketplace.
You can create a new listing from the "Post a New Listing" link in the Marketplace or you can use the "Post to the World" icon in the Global Live Activity Feed page Go to it >>

• What value do you get? You also have the ability to list individual items or entire lots of your inventory for sale in specific categories. Listing can also be used to advertise places for rent, personals or to broadcast coupons and discounts.

My Activities

The area in which members can view and manage all their buying and selling activities.

My Contacts

The area in which members can view and manage their list of clients and vendors.

My Exhibit

This tool allows you create your own exhibit online. It's similar to having a display case of your products at an expo. You can currently add up to 20 exhibits at one time. Go to it>>

• What value do you get? By creating your eOpen exhibit, you can advertise and sell your products without having to list them individually in the Marketplace. Members can view your exhibit by clicking on you company profile page.


Entries that are logged in the Live Exhibition Floor. Posting is a feature you can use to tell anybody in the eOpen network about you and your business, products and services.

• What value do you get? With postings, you can share with the world, your vendor, your clients or your linkings, the following: offerings, coupons, photos, documents, videos and any material in a specific category of interest. You can make comments on other postings or ask questions to other members. These posting will be displayed in the Live Activity Feed and your Exhibit.


The area of eOpen where you can find a variety of tools for your business needs such as uploading contact lists, generating and broadcasting coupons to your contact lists and building your exhibit.Go to it>>

Upload Contact List

Every member is provided with the tools to upload and manage their contact/email list from their eOpen account. You can find this feature in the Tools section. Go To it >>

• What value do you get? You have the ability to upload multiple contact lists (i.e. one for your domestic vendors, one for your international suppliers, one for your clients, etc...). This gives you the flexibility to manage each group within your contacts separately. Through eOpen, you can use your contact lists to broadcast real-time news, information, deals, coupons or announcements pertaining to your business or industry, with just a few clicks. Basically, it empowers you to market to your email list instantly and regularly without expensive and difficult customer management software.

Vendors’ Network

All approved vendors whom you will be able to communicate and deal with privately on your Live Exhibit Floor.

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